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To determine whether amnion – derived cells that are delivered directly to tissues cause tumors would, the researchers conducted studies in immune-deficient mice and found no evidence that tumors had developed seven months after the cells were injected into multiple places.

‘If we are to develop more efficient methods Dr amnion-derived cells into specific cell types, then placentas no longer in the trash would be banned distinction would, but we would have a useful source of cells for transplantation and regenerative. ‘Medicine, said senior author Stephen C. Associate Professor of Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and a researcher at the University of McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine.The 8.000 mystery of brain aneurysm.

To the new findings implicate variations of in the gene of Sox17 , which is known a key role in early development and repairs of endothelial cells that the walls of arteries of the blood vessels plays. Richard P. Variations can be by of the manufacture produce repair of damage on the blood vessels, which suggests a path into the future on the development of novel approaches to prevention, said Gunel.

In addition, the new therapy saves healthy human tissue from undesired radiation exposure on equal or equal to or better than using other radiation methods for doctors at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center.