1 The Balance Ball The stability ball is an excellent piece of equipment.

When regular leg raises become quite simple, you can add ankle weights to improve the muscle function in your abs. #4 Cables or Resistance Tubes Here is another method you can add resistance to your stomach muscles to break through strength. You can perform cable crunches from a low cable tower by lying on the floor and holding the resistance behind your head. Or you is capable of doing cable crunches from a kneeling placement.Diagnosis at molecular and metabolic level can be done with diffusion-weighted or sodium imaging and spectroscopy also, helping us to characterise tumours even more effectively. ‘The future enhancement of ultra-high-field MRI of the breasts with 7-Tesla using molecular and metabolic imaging could represent a further step towards personalised medicine, since not every type of breast cancer is the same.’ By method of comparison, the existing clinical regular MRI scans utilizing a 3-Tesla device yield a diagnostic accuracy, with the very best equipment, of to 93 per cent up.