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Notes. 1 The three reports, NHS Dental Statistics Annual Report 2007-08, dental band Analysis, England and Wales, 2007/08 and dental work, England and Wales 2006/07 and 2007/08, are available at:2 The NHS reforms dentistry were the subject. A request from the Health Select Committee, the results of this survey were published in July 2008 Full details here http://www.sildenafil100mgstore.com http://sildenafil100mgstore.com . 3 The British Dental Association , the professional association for dentists in the UK It provides over 20,000 dentists working in general practice, in community and hospital settings, in academia and research, and in the armed forces.

These reports provide further evidence of the continuing problems with the 2006 NHS dental reforms more than one million people now have access to NHS dental care, lost Those that are able to access them with a system that advises pension by objectives, but as patients face in her heart. This is for dentists, was to focus on the best possible care for their patients difficult. The apparent change in treatment patterns is also of concern and requires further investigation so that the impact of the new contract are fully understood such a study was recommended by the deputies, last month in the report of the Health Select Committee. The government must take note of what these reports, patients and the profession and even the Health Select Committee have told them, and act to solve the problems of the NHS dentistry in England and Wales, it is also important. That primary care trusts and dentists have adequate resources and support to ensure that the commissioning work they are doing is effective and meets the needs of patients. .

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