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New drugs Depression Relieves hot flashes

‘Hot flashes can be so severe as to interfere with the life of a patient,’ said William Gradishar, MD, director of breast cancer at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago. ‘This drug appears to help about half of our patients … Continue reading

Repeat MRI screening for breast cancer results in less false positives

MRI is a screening tool for breast cancer excellent, but the highest rate of false positives keeps some women to undergo the examination, said co-author of the study of Martha B. Mainiero, MD, director of the C. Anne Pappas for … Continue reading

Potential for more accurate diagnosis of the peak murderess pediatric cancer

According to the Foundation of pediatric brain tumors every day, nine children in the United States are diagnosed with a brain tumor. Brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer death of childhood cancer, representing 24 % of cancer deaths. … Continue reading

New therapeutic target for the treatment of Huntington’s disease

An article published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry presents a new drug target that, in combination with a neurotrophic factor, may be used to improve the survival of striatal neurons, the nerve cells affected by the neurodegeneration observed in … Continue reading