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Researchers from the University of California at Davis.

Although both brand-particular and general requests improved prescribing in both major unhappiness and adjustment disorder considerably, brand-specific requests had a more pronounced effect on prescribing for adjustment disorder than for major depression. Although several small trials claim that antidepressants may … Continue reading

A Brand for All Locks Types Whether you have oily locks.

A Brand for All Locks Types Whether you have oily locks, dry hair, straight hair, or curly hair, presently there is one brand that takes care of all these hair types. This wonder brand is Keranique . That is … Continue reading

Sleep Apnea May Raise Womens Heart Risk.

The researchers also discovered that, in comparison to women without sleep apnea, women with the disorder had higher blood levels of troponin, a chemical transmission of early heart damage. The findings suggest that older women may be at greater risk … Continue reading

Kathleen Webster.

Telehealth and Telemedicine include videoconferencing, transmission of images still, patient portals, remote monitoring of vital signs, continuing medical education and nursing call centers.. ATA to honor Loyola pediatrician for contributions in neuro-scientific telemedicine Loyola University Medical Center pediatrician Dr. Kathleen … Continue reading

Which is held Dec.

CT. 2010 AACR Distinguished Lectureship in Breast Cancer Analysis Alan Ashworth Ph.D., director of the Breakthrough Research Centre at the Institute of Cancers Research, will present the 2010 AACR Distinguished Lectureship in Breast Cancer Analysis. Supported by Bristol-Myers Squibb, this … Continue reading

First-quarter license revenues boost 5 percent to $6.

‘First, we established Health Solutions and Broker/Employer Services into separate business units. With dedicated customer service, marketing, and product technique functions, we are actually sharpening our operational execution in each unit to optimize the customer encounter. Second, we executed on … Continue reading

AIDS roundup: Experts examine if the disease causes premature aging.

If her HIV status have been documented when she applied to come to this nation on a work-study visa, she likely could have been denied entry. Up until 2 yrs back, the U.S. Banned a person with HIV from planing … Continue reading

But scientists are working on ways to enhance their understanding of the condition.

Several hundred of scientists shall gather in NORTH PARK at the NORTH PARK Marriott Marquis & Marina during Jan. 8-11, 2012, for the AACR-IASLC Joint Conference on Molecular Origins of Lung Cancer: Biology, Personalized and Therapy Medicine. The conference is … Continue reading

They are using cells originally from a tumour which were reprogrammed to stop multiplying

A living representation of the brain created by scientists Researchers in the School of Life & Health Sciences in Aston University in Birmingham, UK are developing a novel new method to model the way the human brain functions by creating … Continue reading

Medical abortion and curettage pill treatment.

If critical severe bleeding, unconsciousness, smelly vaginal discharge happens, meet a doctor immediately. What is a Safe and sound Abortion Pill Treatment? To ensure best results from being pregnant termination process through medications, just get FDA approved medicines from identified … Continue reading