A connection that may impact the treatment and care patients receive.

The results of the study raise the query of how stigma towards the victims of lung cancers – smokers and non-smokers as well – impacts the support they receive, particularly from the health care system, said Heather Borquez, President and CEO of The Canadian Lung Association. As Canadians, we also need to ask ourselves how exactly we can help the five million smokers inside our country to give up and stay quit, so they might escape the awful fate of lung tumor. The research surveyed 16,000 people in 16 different countries, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, THE UK, Italy, Japan, Norway, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovenia, Sweden, HOLLAND, and the USA. The same questions were asked in each national country to allow comparison between countries. The full report could be downloaded from the Global Lung Cancers Coalition’s website at..Oftentimes findings like this get released in academic journals, but they do not get translated into clinical use, writer Chuck Hensel, senior supervisor of research at the genetic diagnostics company Lineagen, told TIME. Our objective is to try to get these markers in to the clinic. .

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