A drug originally evaluated evaluated as a cough suppressant click to follow.

KineMed applied this new method to compounds as potential anti-fibrotic drugs and unexpectedly discovered significant anti-fibrotic activity of noscapine, a drug originally evaluated evaluated as a cough suppressant. Noscapine significantly reduces fibrosis in several animal models of fibrosis in the lungs and liver click to follow suhagrastore.com . KineMed has patented the potential use of Noscapine in fibrotic disorders and is currently the activity of the novel Noscapine-like analogs. In a methodibrotic disorders are characterized by an excessive accumulation of collagen in the tissue, in a method similar to exaggerated wound healing in response to tissue injury. There is currently a lack of effective therapies for diseases characterized by fibrosis treat. One of the main obstacles to advancing new treatments for fibrotic diseases has difficulties in development. Much of the difficulty comes from the variability in the volume and prices of course of the disease and the fact that organ dysfunction may take years to manifest after slow chronic deposition of collagen. As a result, clinical trials are long, expensive and the potential benefits of the drugs have been difficult to assess.

About KineMed,KineMed, is a drug discovery and development company employs its proprietary translational medicine technology to both identify active drug candidates preclinically and confirm their therapeutic activity and dose response in first-in-man studies. The company is working To develop drugs both on its own and with pharmaceutical collaborators in therapeutic areas where it can prove to convey functional modulation of specific biological pathways that .

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