A fresh UCLA study finds.

Seven of 11 Caucasians in the study also responded with higher activity in the amygdala when looking at the African American photos. Although a third of individuals in each race did not show this impact, no participant in the analysis responded with higher amygdala activity to the Caucasian photographs than to the African American photos, Lieberman said. ‘We didn’t find any distinctions in amygdala activity between the racial groupings,’ Lieberman said. ‘From searching at the amygdala, you couldn’t inform if the scans had been from African American or Caucasian individuals.Based on the timing of the close, Abbott expects the acquisition to add approximately $2.9 billion to Abbott’s 2010 total reported sales, almost all outside the U.S., and add approximately $500 million to Abbott’s annual pharmaceutical R&D expense. The acquisition of Solvay Pharmaceuticals can be an integral part of Abbott’s strategy to bolster our presence in key markets and deliver sustainable, industry-leading growth, said Miles D. White colored, chairman and ceo, Abbott. In addition to taking both Abbott and Solvay products into new and expanding markets, the acquisition enhances our R&D investment, offering Abbott with the chance to operate a vehicle future pharmaceutical growth.