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, Writing in the February issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry higher SMR for suicide among female prisoners is that females entering prison, a higher prevalence of risk factors suicide suicide, such as depression, previous self-harm , and history of physical and sexual abuse, substance risk factor for risk factor. Prison suicide, and a systematic review has shown that the relative excess is abuse of prisoners compared with the general population, higher female inmates another explanation is that prison can especially the vulnerability of women to suicide. ‘ – the http://www.vardenafil20mgtab.com http://vardenafil20mgtab.com . Researchers say that the reasons for the increasing suicide rate among female prisoners in the last 25 years ‘complex.’However, a likely explanation is that more women are now sentenced for drug offenses, ie, a larger number of women enter prison with drug problems.

In 2005, Dr. Fazel and colleagues examined the rate of suicide among male prisoners, and found that suicide was five times more common in male prisoners than in the general population. Therefore has therefore has a clear ‘gender gap ‘in suicide for male and female prisoners. Fazel and Benning provided a number of explanations for this gender gap. For example, women who are. In custody already at a higher risk of suicide because they have existing mental health problems, such as depression, a history of self-harm or drug or alcohol addiction The prison environment can also affect women differently than men.

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A team of researchers leading by Dr. David Brigstock addresses this issue. Their work was released into World Journal of Gastroenterology.