A little sub-set of genes whose activity differs based on which parent passes on that gene.

Senior author Joanne Murabito, MD, ScM, associate professor of medication at Boston University College of Medicine /Framingham Heart Study says: ‘Our findings demonstrate a complicated network of genetic factors underlying the timing of menarche. Menarche is linked to the development of health issues later in life in women such as diabetes, coronary disease, and breast malignancy. By studying genetic elements we hope to better know how puberty timing in women is linked to important health issues in women.’..Heather E. Volk, an associate professor of preventive medicine at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. The study was published Nov. 26 in Archives of General Psychiatry. CBS Evening Information Autism risk could rise with father’s age A fresh study by researchers in Iceland says age the father at the time of conception – not the age of the mother – can raise the risk of aut. Autism-spectrum disorders: 24 indicators Autism isn’t often easy to identify, but this simple checklist can help U.S. Autism risk cited for pregnant women with flu A fresh study suggests being unwell with the flu while pregnant can raise the risk of having a kid with autism. Teresa Garcia reviews. About one in 88 U.S. Children develops an autism spectrum disorder, which is characterized by significant social, conversation and behavioral challenges.