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As it pertains to key secondary endpoints, ALN-RSV01 treatment resulted in a statistically significant decrease in time 90 BOS as compared with placebo as measured in the ITTc inhabitants with an overall effect size of 52 percent. Further, ALN-RSV01 demonstrated an enhanced treatment effect size of 88 percent toward day time 180 BOS in patients treated within five days from symptom starting point . Other secondary endpoints including viral parameters and symptom score weren’t significantly different between ALN-RSV01 and placebo. Several post-hoc analyses were also performed. In a logistic regression analysis adjusting for multiple variables, treatment with ALN-RSV01 was found to end up being associated with a reduced threat of developing day 180 BOS significantly, with an chances ratio of 8.5 .Other explanations why teenagers cut themselves include: Showing anger or various other negative feelings Punishing themselves for what they consider as their inadequacies You should bear in mind that self harm can be an outward expression of internal pain. In most cases, there could be a connection between self-harm and childhood trauma. Physiotherapy can help your child to identify and manage the triggers that trigger the self harm behavior. You may also learn important abilities to manage stress and the impulsiveness that cause the feelings.