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For one thing, this gives us a potential system for why people who have PTSD generally have a larger disease burden and more problems with aging, stated Neylan. It might be because of the telomere biology. Furthermore, he speculated, we may be seeing the cumulative effect of PTSD on telomere length – in other words, the subjects with shorter telomere length may have PTSD dating from their childhood traumas, furthermore to PTSD acquired in adulthood. According to O’Donovan, however, the major drawback of the scholarly study was that, because the topics without PTSD didn’t generally have high degrees of contact with childhood traumas, the authors were unable to tease apart the relative contributions of childhood trauma and adult PTSD to shorter telomere size.Scars had begun to create from the recovery lesions. Her self-confidence was really low and she got tried everything to remedy her acne. One day, we noticed that she appeared as if she had a poor sunburn. Her encounter was dry and peeling and she appeared quite uncomfortable. When among us plucked up more than enough courage to question her about it finally, she described that she was on a new acne medicine. This new acne medicine works by reducing the amount of the natural skin oils produced. It works by having a peeling effect on the skin also.