A vaccine for anxiety?

Believe or it not, this line was already crossed with the lately announced nicotine vaccine. Nicotine is not a virus, obviously. So how can drug businesses claim a vaccine functions to avoid the nicotine habit? It’s easy: Rather than targeting a virus, the nicotine vaccine targets a molecule . So now, drug manufacturers can state their vaccines can grant immunity to virtually any chemical or substance. And since psychiatric disorders already are blamed on chemical substance imbalances in the mind, the groundwork was already laid for the pushing of vaccines for such chemical imbalances.What we’re learning is that these HATs, and possibly other protein acetyltransferases, are regulated in much the same way. They have these profound effects within cells, nonetheless it is very not used to science still. How it operates is a big black box that we intend to decipher. .. AHR panel calls for greater research to establish connection between creative cardiac and engagement health THE BUILDING BLOCKS for Art & Recovery today releases the proceedings from its groundbreaking Arts and the Heart Roundtable , a gathering of luminaries from the medical, arts and public health sectors regarding the connection between creative engagement and cardiac health. Held through the summer of 2009 in New York, the goal of the conference was to attract on study and clinical expertise as well as the direct experiences of cardiac patients who’ve found innovative endeavors to assist in their own personal healing procedures.