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That's so why Abbott and Real Madrid soccer starCristiano Ronaldoare partnering to bring a lot more attention to this important cause. Regarded as one of the top soccer players in the globe, Ronaldo will serve simply because the first global ambassador for theBE THE 1™ movement – developed to inspire teenagers around the global world to regularly donate blood. We can all make a difference by donating bloodstream. Each donation can advantage up to three people in crisis situations and for long-term procedures, saidCristiano Ronaldo, ahead for True Madrid and Captain for Portugal National Football. That's why We am enthusiastic to be partnering with Abbott to bring awareness to the need for blood donation and to encourage people all over the world to become lifelong bloodstream donors and assist in saving lives.Additionally, over 25 percent of survey individuals chose someone other than the person identified as an emergency contact to act as proxy in medical decision-making. When patients choose a surrogate who is not the person doctors would generally consult or who would not become empowered as a substitute decision-maker under state laws and regulations, physicians are alerted to activate these patients within an advance treatment planning process that ensures the formal appointment of their preferred health care agent, Lipkin said. Emphasis on end-of-life treatment, terminal disease and the use or discontinuation of life-sustaining medical treatment [as in the Terri Schiavo case] has obscured the necessity for advance planning in the regular care of all competent adult sufferers, Lipkin said.