About 50 families from the underserved neighborhood of Englewood have participated in the program.

Fit, monthly group bring all the bring all the families together for educational activities in fitness and nutrition, with speakers from the Rush faculty. – This is not the usual short-term weight loss program, said Dr. Cynthia Waickus, family medicine specialist at Rush and the Rush faculty adviser of the student volunteers. The goal of Keep It Fit is to teach families healthy habits that can last a lifetime. .. About 50 families from the underserved neighborhood of Englewood have participated in the program, cooperation with medical, nursing and allied health students at Rush volunteered volunteered to personal health, fitness and nutrition,. The students will then follow with weekly meeting with their families.

Obesity is at a record high in Chicago. According to a recent study by the Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children, 23 % of the city pre-kindergarten – age children are overweight. – ‘The neighborhood where we are located in Englewood, just one of many neighborhoods dealing with this epidemic of obesity,’Captain Julian Champion, corps officer, said at the Red Shield Center. ‘The problem is enshrined countless reasons: Only limited access to healthy food, a lack of knowledge about healthy food, little to no exercise, and just a general lack of support for a healthy lifestyle.The Scripps Genomic Health Initiative study participant who are 18 years or older with personalized genetic risk assessments for more than 20 health conditions to be can be altered through screening & Lifestyle, including the diabetes, heart attack and some forms of cancer had been. This study was set up in 2008 into being and will be change in the Users assess behaviors for a 20 – year time period. As co-sponsor the study, Navigenics provided that genetic tests used in study. Preliminary results from the Scripps Genomic Health initiative of is 12th wider than in an article published on the in New England Journal of Medicine Web site.