Adolescent declines in cognitive performance predict psychosis later on By Liam Davenport.

The total results, released in JAMA Psychiatry, indicated that the cognitive test scores correlated positively with each other. Associations between cognitive working at 18 years and risk for schizophrenia in adulthood were moderate, but a model including transformation in functioning between 13 and 18 years exposed that a relative decline in verbal ability scores was the just significant predictor for schizophrenia, at a hazard ratio of 0.60 for each standard deviation increase in verbal capability.In fact, The acai berry have become the talk of the town apart from making headlines and being called the healthiest food on the planet. In fact, over a dozen articles in medical literature possess talked about the health great things about Acai berries. Unless you have been living under some rock, you’ll have heard about these wonder berries. What is Acai? The purple berry known as Acai comes from a palm tree that’s specifically found in Amazon rainforests. The tree grows over 15 meters and produces The acai berry which are dark and small purple. We may be not used to health benefits of Acai berry pulp but Brazilian natives have been using the healing properties of Acai Berry since a large number of years and regular consumption of Acai is known to bolster energy.