Aerosol pollution inhibits thunderstorm activity.

Responses by Mike Adams, the Health RangerWhat this research really reveals is usually that human activity alters the atmosphere regardless of whether CO2 is leading to global warming. Particulate matter only alters the weather and can multiply the severity of storms. Most people have noticed that the weather around the world is becoming increasingly radical. Storms are more powerful, droughts are much longer and weather ‘extremes’ are becoming far more common. Why does this matter? Because people need meals to survive, and radical weather takes on havoc with the meals supply. The more unpredictable the elements becomes, actually, the even more crop failures we’ll observe around the world.SAP is certainly present in all human amyloid deposits of all types, and anti-SAP treatment after treatment with CPHPC should be applicable in all forms of systemic amyloidosis therefore. Patients with a new medical diagnosis of systemic amyloidosis require swift and safe and sound elimination of amyloid deposits to keep up or restore vital organ function, in order that measures to reduce creation of amyloid fibril precursor protein and therefore arrest amyloid accumulation can be effective. Although patients with medical symptoms of cardiac amyloidosis were not included in the present study, measurements of extracellular volume suggested that some individuals may have had little asymptomatic cardiac amyloid deposits.