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After CQ Today, the mental health provisions of the larger parcel as means of enticing house members who support compared with the previous bailout measure but parity laws, inclusion of theng Rep. Jim Ramstad voted recorded check all about the treatment . A Ramstad aide said the inclusion of parity language has led him his his position on the bailout. However, inclusion of the parity bill into a visible into a visible new wave of home support for the larger bill CQ Today reports.

Senate approves financial bailout legislation, the Mental Health Parity regulations containsMental health parity legislation was $ 700 billion bailout of Wall Street firms received Wednesday passed by the Senate, the AP / Detroit Free Press reported. The legislation would have to group health plans of 51 or more employees to meet with mental illness at the same level as physical ailments. It does not require the plans offer such coverage , but must be equivalent if they do is selected.

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