Alcohol busting enzyme reduces cardiac damageU see more.

Alcohol busting enzyme reduces cardiac damageU.S see more . Scientists have discovered that an enzyme alcohol can also protect cardiac tissue from damage by free radicals, such as the result of a heart attack or surgery.

They found to their surprise that alcohol increased the activity of ALDH2 during heart attack by 20 % and resulted in a 27 % decrease in the associated damage.Mochly – Rosen said that although the enzyme had known about for some time, the researchers did not know anything about it, except that it helped to break down alcohol in the bloodstream. Aldehydes. Did not expect to find ALDH2 an important antioxidant in the fight against free radicals have. The enzyme acts of the toxins produced by the neutralization by alcohol, aldehydes. But these are also produced the same chemicals when free radicals react with fat molecules, and these are in each cell. It is very easy to find for free radicals oxidize fat and aldehydes, said Mochly – Rosen. Once the free radicals have to keep in fat aldehydes, the aldehydes, DNA and other cellular matter and trigger unwanted processes which probably cause many diseases, including heart attack, Parkinson’s and sun aging, the researchers said.

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China Medical Technologies, , a leading China -based medical device companies, develops, manufactures and markets advanced in the – vitro diagnostics items, today announced to has received approval of his bladder cancers FISH test from the State Food and Drug Administration received the People s Republic of China.

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