Although for genitourinary and gastrointestinal subsequent primary neoplasms.

The authors note that it should be emphasized that the AER for most subsequent primary neoplasms was still relatively low, although for genitourinary and gastrointestinal subsequent primary neoplasms, he rose quickly with attained age, and when high up in the Age continued to develop a significant number of such subsequent such subsequent primary neoplasms. Given the excesses under the age of 40 years was observed, should these survivors in in existing general population screening programs. .

The cumulative %age of survivors developing a subsequent primary tumor reached steadily with age of 1.6 % at age 20 years to 13.8 % at age 60 years, while 8.4 per cent in the latter years to rates in the general population is based was expected. Five % of survivors had primary tumor primary tumor age of 38 years developed, while it took until age 54 years, 5 % of a similar cohort to develop a cancer.‘present many of U.S. Schools have no specific or logical algorithms to decide shut down that,’says Brownstein, ‘not use. Still quantitative data, and it may be a policy and fear of based ruling rather than a data -based. ‘.

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