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The IMPRESS study was made to compare the basic safety and efficacy of continuing IRESSA, combined with cisplatin and pemetrexed up to six cycles , versus comparator placebo, combined with cisplatin and pemetrexed up to six cycles following development of level of resistance to first line treatment gefitinib. The analysis did not match its primary endpoint of a significant improvement in PFS statistically. The secondary endpoint of general survival is still ongoing. At the principal endpoint of PFS analysis, the OS was immature and had not been conclusive. Much longer OS was suggested for the cisplatin plus placebo and pemetrexed arm, versus the IRESSA plus cisplatin and pemetrexed arm. Overall, IRESSA coupled with cisplatin plus pemetrexed chemotherapy was well tolerated and consistent with known protection profiles.Rothman, 62, is a professor at Yale University while Schekman, 64, reaches the University of California, Berkeley. Suedhof, 57, became a member of Stanford University in 2008. ‘My first reaction was, ‘Oh, my God!’ stated Schekman in a statement released by Berkeley. ‘That was also my second reaction.’ The university stated Schekman’s research resulted in the success of the biotechnology industry. Schekman studied defective and normal yeast to identify the procedure of vesicle transport, the university said. The Nobel committee said Schekman discovered a couple of genes that were required for vesicle transport, while Rothman exposed how proteins dock with their focus on membranes like two sides of a zipper.