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These results could encourage further function to determine how better to deliver radiotherapy for lung tumor sufferers, Dr Le Pechoux said. ‘Interest in altered fractionation was uncertain prior to the meta-analysis, but the current results will lead to renewed interested in this extensive research field.’ ‘In the most recent meta-analysis evaluating the easiest method to combine radiotherapy and chemotherapy in NSCLC, the full total results showed that concomitant chemo-radiation is superior to sequential chemo-radiation and the best outcomes shown in randomized trials in small-cell lung cancer limited disease show 5-year survival rates of 20-25 percent. Thus there is dependence on improvements of both radiotherapy and chemotherapy,’ Dr Le Pechoux said..‘The existing medical marijuana legislation becoming passed by policymakers in the united states, which promotes marijuana-based products as treatment options for various brain and nervous program disorders, isn’t supported by high-level medical study,’ said position statement author Anup Patel, MD, with Nationwide Kids's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and a known person in the AAN. ‘There may be some safety problems for marijuana-based products, for long-term use in sufferers with these diseases especially, as to date it is not well-studied.’ The AAN helps the reclassification of marijuana-based products by the federal government from their current status as a Schedule I drug to improve access for research of marijuana or cannabinoids under approved research protocols.