It is a special coincidence that Bernard Sanberg was medically treated at the same institution where Dr. Savitz now works on important new therapies for stroke sufferers. Dr. Savitz is normally a true doctor scientist, said Alison Willing, PhD, professor, Center for Excellence in Aging and Brain Repair, Department of Neurosurgery and Brain Repair, University of South Florida. He works with stroke patients each day, but it is not enough for him to simply treat them or make sure they are comfortable.In 2009 2009, the US Food and Medication Administration issued a declaration expressing concern in regards to a lack of security data on CABs, after survey outcomes showed that the consumption of such beverages correlated with risky behavior among university students. Howland and his co-authors note that while energy drink companies do not explicitly advertise that their items should be blended with alcohol, non-traditional youth-oriented marketing strategies include promises that such drinks will enhance attention, stamina, performance, weight loss, and fun, while lowering performance decrements from alcohol or fatigue.