August 27-29 Skills Expo to be held.

The Latest Services and products Attendees will knowledge cutting-edge products and services for people with a wide range of disabilities. They shall find mobility products, medical equipment, home accessories, essential services, low-cost daily living aids, products for people with visual impairments and much more. The new Assistive Technology Pavilion will feature the latest AT products for those who have wide ranges of physical, developmental and sensory disabilities. This pavilion is definitely anchored by the Texas Technology Access Plan from the University of Texas at Austin, who is sponsoring an Interactive Demo Lab. This lab can not only feature a range of breakthrough assistive technologies, it’ll allow Expo people to experience them hands-on.It's not clear why those teens were at increased risk, according to Terry-McElrath. One possibility, she said, is that they are larger risk takers generally. But it's also possible that using both medicines together impairs teens' driving-and judgment-to a larger degree. Terry-McElrath stated it's important to make kids-and the public, in general-aware of the dangers of simultaneous drug use. ‘Driver's education needs to chat more about the risks, in believable ways-not using inaccurate scare techniques,’ she said.