Book of Chances has released Flu Week.

When: Flu Week will take place November 2-6, 2009 Where: Reserve of Odds’ flu content material is available on-line at: Why: Book of Odds’ mission is to teach readers about risk and how it affects their daily lives. The site is up to date daily with new content but will periodically feature themed content releases around major occasions, issues, or news tales, like the flu season.. A look at the odds associated with the influenza virus What are the odds you shall be among the unlucky types who gets the flu this year? Book of Chances has released ‘Flu Week,’ a remarkable look at the odds associated with the influenza virus. Flu Week will feature six original essays by historian Dr. Kathleen Minnix and physician Dr. Meredith Sorensen, an interview with an infectious disease expert and a guest blog post by Pulitzer Prize winner, Lawrence Wright.Adaptive Eyewear is looking for $400,000 in matched money at the Clinton Global Initiative to distribute self-variable eyeglasses that make use of innovative technology that may correct up to 90 percent of refractive errors. Vision for a Nation is being applied in three phases. Phase one is normally underway and money raised through CGI will be used to aid the implementation of phase two, which really is a scaled-up programme to screen approximately 300,000 Rwandans. In stage two approximately 50, 000 pairs of eyeglasses will be distributed via trained health workers. Phase two will determine the very best distribution method to ensure the program can be scaled to a national level in phase three. Related StoriesThe Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh endorses Contact Surgery, a mobile cognitive simulation and rehearsal platform for surgeonsSurgical startup seeks financing to build digital reality training libraryAddressing standard of living needs in prostate malignancy: an interview with Professor Louis Denis’This technology could transform the lives of millions of people, who due to cost and availability haven’t any usage of eye care specialists,’ said James Chen, Chairman, Adaptive Eyewear.