Borisy and his colleagues.

Borisy and his colleagues, including Floyd Dewhirst of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine used the technique to analyze dental plaque, a complex biofilm that is known to contain at least 600 species of microbes. You could visually discriminate 15 different microbial types quickly and accuratelyh two types showed the interspecies associations. – This could imply some functional interaction between them, Borisy says. You can see the relief of the other to colonize the site, and the exchange will to reap a benefit for both of them. .

The researchers are also validate these results with clinical tumor samples from a different group of patients. In addition to checking their results in this way, said Dr. Barnholtz – Sloan , the hope is that a larger study with the participation of all hospitals in Ohio Brain Tumor Study, a multi-site consortium in Ohio, and finally develop a test for you people who are used in a typical hospital clinical settings, to to choose either standard treatment or an alternative treatment.What this debate is this debate? Should be gay men allowed in the USA in the U.S.? Give your opinion in the comment section lower and to the latest stories CNN. Or sound off on Videos via the CNN iReport. Others said they thinking, so gay men to donate be too risky – :.