But also for smokers.

But this system may be an important companion not only for thrombosis-prone passengers on long-haul flights or stroke patients, but also for smokers, pregnant women or the obese. You will no longer form days for lab results on possible blood clot in her blood to wait. Like glucose tests the long-termood of the patient goes to the disposable cartridge the physician places then in a little hand-held scanner. Within minutes , the results on the screen – and, if necessary, immediately after the action. The EU project on the feasibility of the system runs until the middle of this year.

Even airline passengers at long distance flights can be affected by deep vein thrombosis. But with the new system quick and easy review of the risk of travel thrombosis will soon be possible. Eagerly at work on the engineering of the diagnostic systems for deep vein thrombosis are ten leading European research institutes and high-tech companies, the core of the future analytical device, a lab-on – chip, has been built and tested IZM. It is a small, If the numberfted disposable cartridge which as a tool for biochemical analysis has one drop of blood. It consists of a polycarbonate plate measuring 3 mm x 22 mm x 70 mm, and unites two critical components in one device: the most important component – a foil of 150 micrometers thickness, on which a filigree network with conductor tracks and gold sensors for blood analysis is attached, as well as a 120 micrometers deep fluid channel for conducting blood to the analysis elements.However, women returns to normal ill continue at treated with hormones find on far greater risk from cancer, than determined previously thought. A woman who stopped at the therapy for minimum of five years was played their annual vacation be doubled risk of breast.