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To listen to the corporate-run mass media tell it.

#1) Organ harvesting from genetically modified, patented pigsNeed an upgraded heart or lung? No worries, mate! Monsanto will grow you a fresh one utilizing a genetically modified, trans-species pig that grew up on GMO animal feed and put through organ … Continue reading

Health Tip: Find Period to Stretch: Stretching is an essential component of a fitness plan.

It is a lot more convenient and affordable for sufferers to be tested within their own GPs’ surgeries.’ The report, funded by the developers of dabigatran etexilate, Boehringer Ingelheim, says that also, despite NICE backing, novel oral anticoagulants are getting … Continue reading

3 Potential Small Cell Lung Cancer Symptoms There are two main types of lung cancer.

Regarding the different parts of the principal end point, just the comparisons of stroke risk reached statistical significance . The results of several sensitivity analyses had been also consistent with the findings of the principal analysis . Subgroup Analyses Reductions … Continue reading

Access Pharmaceuticals update on its European commercial launch of Mugard ACCESS PHARMACEUTICALS.

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This is a step-by-step guide appropriately performing kegel exercises.

This is a step-by-step guide appropriately performing kegel exercises. Kegel exercises reinforce the muscle tissue of pelvic flooring, which supports the bladder, uterus, rectum and little intestine. You can perform kegel exercises, carefully just about any time to get rid … Continue reading

Ebola Persists for Extended Period in Survivors Semen: Study: WEDNESDAY.

Ebola Persists for Extended Period in Survivors’ Semen: Study: – WEDNESDAY, Oct. 14, 2015 – – The Ebola virus is usually with the capacity of hiding out in the semen of male survivors for up to nine weeks after symptoms … Continue reading

Jonathan Khouzam.

Charles Greatest Secondary School, Coquitlam Student uses 3D imaging showing how alcohol consumption shrinks mind cells Edmonton Catherine Jessica and Fan Li, both 17, Grade 12, Old Scona Academic SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Students’ discovery may head to medical trial as … Continue reading


It is a special coincidence that Bernard Sanberg was medically treated at the same institution where Dr. Savitz now works on important new therapies for stroke sufferers. Dr. Savitz is normally a true doctor scientist, said Alison Willing, PhD, professor, … Continue reading

Relating to a fresh study of over 350.

A large waistline doubles your risk of premature death Having a large waistline can almost double your risk of dying prematurely even if the body mass index is within the ‘normal’ range, relating to a fresh study of over 350,000 … Continue reading

The study showed that after 38 weeks of Soliris treatment.

Other studies show that kidney disease makes up about 18 % of deaths among Japanese patients with PNH. In the studied patients, Soliris therapy was also associated with a sustained reduction in hemolysis, which led to an additional improvement in … Continue reading