Defra biosafety guidelines for poultry owners read.

– BVA statement on the use of vaccination – Updated BVA Policy Brief – February 2006 – BVA Guidance for the veterinary profession – tips on it you their birds. Defra biosafety guidelines for poultry owners, a list of possible control methods and information on assessing risks of avian influenza in poultry which can be held to be found on the Defra website read .

It is important to emphasize that the United Kingdom is free from free from HPAI infected, so the risk of a cat in the UK is extremely low, and the current literature suggests that the spread from cats to humans is unlikely.

GenVec announced that it has sub sub Award under a grant from which National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders , the National Institutes of Health , a gene -based medical treatment of developing in severe balanced treatment of disorders. GenVec get up to $ 1,000 over five years before clinical research in collaboration with Dr. Executions Staecker, University of Kansas Medical Centre assist which. Development a drug candidate for clinical testing.

Genoptix , a provider of personalized diagnostic services, restart in the announcement of ASH Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, it tests for MPCs W515 L / C mutant be. This new test expands Genoptix services offered to patients lymphoid tumors and hematomalignancies diagnosis and treatment diagnosis and treatment. Genoptix believed it able on was the first commercial hematology / oncology lab service providers offer this test. Our ability to offer innovative technology to Doctors physician Us Partners, such as in quantitative JAK2 and MPL test promotes our commitment to sheep of academic medicine community-based practices, said Tina Nova, President and CEO of Genoptix. Mike Nerenberg , VP of Business Development on Genoptix said, MPL mutation of analysis of the hematologist / oncologist has to a new diagnosis tool for identification and manage myeloproliferative diseases and MPD, disease set, forward looking statements improve with with, availability of molecular assays such as this. .