Gentler hysterectomy?

Laparoscopic patients were also less likely to experience loss of blood during surgery and got shorter post-operative hospital stays than individuals who had abdominal medical procedures. Warren said any woman who is taking into consideration hysterectomy should talk to more than one doctor to find the type of medical procedures that will be most appropriate in the short – and long-term. ‘If you are told that you may have to have an open procedure, be it for a hysterectomy or to remove a benign tumor or any gynecologic process, try to seek out those doctors in your community which have experience with minimally-invasive medical procedures, because they’re there and it may really make a difference in the quality of surgery, but also the recovery and the pain and suffering compared to that individual also.Gastric and rectal cancers Data from an ongoing Phase II study investigating the potential of Erbitux in combination with an irinotecan-based regimen as a 1st-line treatment for advanced gastric cancers will be presented, in addition to a study which used Erbitux as a neoadjuvant therapy in locally advanced resectable rectal malignancy when coupled with capecitabine and radiotherapy .Dr. We are continuing to explore multiple combination therapies that enable doctors to choose the best treatment regimens based on patient need.