HealthBlawg David Harlow hosted the latest edition of Health Wonk Review.

HealthBlawg David Harlow hosted the latest edition of Health Wonk Review, a biweekly compendium of more than two dozen health policy, infrastructure, insurance, technology and managed care bloggers. Another participant blog hosts each issue.

Igor Volsky on the Center for American Progress Action Fund of the Wonk Room points recent remarks by Elizabeth Edwards on the administrative costs of private health insurance says Sen. McCain ‘s health proposal would increase management costs, because marketing leads, medical underwriting, rescission, and increased paperwork for individuals insurance companies in the individual market juggle 29 % of premium dollars for administrative costs spend more than twice the average amount in the group market. .– ‘We risk enormous natural in our efforts to be found cure for cancer if we did not attract new talent and fresh ideas to clinical research,’said Lorraine W. Executive Director Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. Accelerating ‘Cancer Cures speeding our mission for identifying and fund Companyst young best young the best youth attracting of academics are working on innovative Research on Cancer. It is to bring science and industry along to gather the latest research findings. Our best hope of for key breakthroughs for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer is at the dedicated young scholars who be able to operate critical research is being, thanks to this efforts of.