In addition to reducing warm flashes better than medication therapy.

A skilled acupuncture practitioner can initiate a therapeutic response in the patient that no medication, no surgery no medical intervention could ever accomplish. That’s what’s really interesting about acupuncture: It doesn’t do any healing. Rather, acupuncture stimulates your body to heal itself. This idea fails to be regarded at all in conventional medicine, which continues to check out the long-outmoded belief that the physician heals the patient and that, astonishingly, no role is had by the patient in his / her own healing. Practitioners of acupuncture knew thousands of years back what many western doctors still haven’t find out today: The patient is the healer.When it comes to timelines, many clever people believe we are on the verge of a sudden global debt collapse. Others think we’re heading right into a ‘sluggish collapse’ that could accelerate over the next 2-3 years. Some cultural people believe a lot can be riding on the forthcoming election, and what I’m hearing is certainly that if Romney gets elected, many Obama supporters are likely to riot in the roads. Whereas if Obama gets re-elected, U.S. Companies may very well revolt against the failed financial policies Obama has so far pursued. Either way, it’s not a pretty picture. Either way, you should get prepared right now for the inevitable.

Alere first quarter net revenue increases to $582.5 million Alere Inc.