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In both cases, the differences were statistically significant. The researchers also found that African Americans had to the study centers have a prevalence of hypertension is is greater than the state average . Of the 117 people screened, 47.8 % had a high blood pressure .

Miscarriages do not seem to protect against pre-eclampsia. This could be because of pregnancies end in miscarriage shortcomings no longer maintained no longer being developed, rejected by the body rejected by the body. These deficiencies many different things many different causes, pre-eclampsia in placenta formation. Perhaps miscarriage and pre-eclampsia are two questions?. The results show that every normal pregnancy, even if it ends before birth, to a certain degree is against pre-eclampsia in later pregnancy, almost like a vaccination protect. The mechanisms for this effect are currently unknown, and more research is needed.The project team and geographically scattered geographically distributed, grid-based data on standardized patients images and associated information. Already, there are 30,000 images from more than 3,000 patients and also between the University Hospital of Cambridge in Britain and Italy at Udine saved offset.