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In May called Dr. Capo Lingua for Polytechnic General Practice Placement Program financing will be restored after the government budget budget, courses . By nearly $ 30 million. – The PGPPP budget cut reduced the program by one third to only 190 placements per year at the national level. Health Minister Nicola Roxon today announced that not only would the lost places will be restored, but the total number of per year raised to 360 per year. ‘With the number of medical school places will be doubled, the AMA has repeatedly stressed the need for the number of training positions for doctors as soon as they emphasized to expand concluded, ‘Dr Capo Lingua said.

The Global Learning Series. .with GP training boost, Australia – congratulates AMA President Dr Rosanna Capo Lingua the government’s decision on the funding of a major program to increase the increase the number of Australian-trained GPs.

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