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While the cholera began in the landscape, has been a great fear that they sweep the crowded city and. La Saline is one of the notorious slums of Port-au-Prince. This is a sort of unofficial community of thousands without without municipal services municipal services conditions here are terrible, with fields and ditches of human waste and garbage .. In the context cover, PBS NewsHour also reports on Haiti cholera outbreak. Nationwide, has seen in the first cholera outbreak in this country no longer in more than 100 years, there were some 140,000 cases, with the death toll now, over one third the report said.

‘.. .’the program is part of the world Bank’s $ 479,000 support for the reconstruction after the devastating earthquake one year ago, homeless which about a million people and live left in shelters in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, ‘according to the news service . In Haiti and The World Bank on Tuesday, ‘announced a $ 15 million EUR grant to Haiti to combat an ongoing cholera epidemic,’SAPA/Health24 reports. In a press release, the bank it approves an additional $ 5 million to a previously announced $ 10,000 grant will be added.STAIR brings together researchers from BDC Knoxville College of Arts & Sciences and Engineering, and will be focused on the creation of sustainable of energy with concentration on challenges facing of hydrogen as a energy source to employ, from creation to memory.