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In the second phase of training, teachers – in teams of colleagues in their districts and Florida State University Schools instructors with with ADI divided – developed mutually support and cooperation through the exchange offer, execution and evaluation of teaching in the summer institute dapoxetine results . – ‘Our teachers have great success at Florida High, which had these new resources into their classrooms,’said Lynn Wicker, director of Florida State University Schools. ‘We are honored to participate in this project and look forward to establishing mutually beneficial relations with our colleagues across the Big Bend.

It is not your grandparents science lessons more, and that’s a good thing for the future of Florida, said Anthony Cooley, Project Manager at Panhandle Region Educational Consortium. According to Cooley, by improving the integration of technology into curricula, promoting STEM21id2 is authentic, relevant and student – centered learning, With and to improve career readiness. – Teacher training will be in two phases: 1) a two-week Summer Institute at Florida State University in Tallahassee schools, learning where equipment use the new equipment and to develop lesson plans that they can take back to take the course, and 2) 120 hours of continuing education and cooperation during the school year in which they can share lesson plans with other teachers involved in the project assess their effectiveness, and adapt them to suit the needs of their classrooms.

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