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In this latest study, the researchers have a variety of evidence on this subject evaluated These include a 1969 study in Ohio, in which 739 subjects participated in tests in which several main wash and pre-soak detergent with and without proteolytic enzymes. In the tests using exaggerated use conditions, were used, there was no significant increase of skin irritation in the hand or arm immersion assays attributed attributed to the presence of enzyme products were then control control in a total of 5943 subjects, and the hands of a dermatologist no differences between the enzyme observed and control treatments..

The researchers studied the quality of life using a questionnaire as the Medical Outcomes Study 36 – Item Short-Form General Health Survey , patient patient is known a year after her treatment.Insulin Wins $ 8.8 million Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case Against Southern Baptist Hospital The Jacksonville – famous hotels in Miami-based Ratzan and Rubio PA the fact that Stuart Ratzan, founding members , one $ is 8,000 Case on behalf of of his clients, David and Shirlyn Gallagher on 22 Submitted of March in of the fourth the Circuit Court in Duval County, Florida medical negligence in claim against intensive care nursing unit at the Southern Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida..

Shirlyn Gallagher , an insulin – dependent diabetes, Baptist was brought for surgery following a heart attack. While recovering into ICU of the hospital which nursing staff had providing Gallagher her insulin, they go to into cardiac arrest. Medical spent 40 to be realized save her, before realizing in need in need by of insulin. After the reception a shot of insulin, Gallagher revived, but suffered a severe brain harm often require extensive physical therapy and lifelong support..