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Rose 945 % between 1976 and 2009, the increase in California premiums was significantly less than one third of this amount at just 261 %. Every dollar that will go toward medical liability costs is definitely a dollar that will not head to patients who need care. Hoven informed the U.S. During her testimony, Dr. Hoven shared results from a recent AMA report that show the system has become costly and unfair for individuals and physicians, with an average of 95 medical liability statements filed for each 100 physicians. Dr. Hoven noted a most claims filed against physicians lack merit, as 64 % of liability statements that closed in ’09 2009 were dismissed or dropped.Study leader Professor Lloyd said the discoveries had been significant because of their potential to get over longstanding barriers to hepatitis C vaccine advancement. To day hepatitis C has been difficult to focus on with single interventions because there are many different strains of the virus, he said. Furthermore, like HIV, the hepatitis C virus mutates very rapidly and exists as a complex category of mutated viruses within every infected person, indicating the virus can prevent efforts by the immune system to keep it in order, Professor Lloyd said. Also, a third of contaminated people can have a highly effective immune response that eliminates the virus in early stages.