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‘Many thanks to the dedicated initiatives of Drs. Valicenti and Thompson for leading the remarkable effort to concern this important record from both specialty institutions,’ stated Michael L. Steinberg , MD, FASTRO, chairman of ASTRO's Table of Directors. ‘The Adjuvant and Salvage Radiotherapy After Prostatectomy: ASTRO/AUA Guideline is an essential tool for every practice because they determine the best treatment plan for prostate cancer patients after prostatectomy.’ ‘We are very pleased that ASTRO and AUA came collectively to create this important document,’ said J. Stuart Wolf Jr. , MD, FACS, chairman of the AUA's Practice Suggestions Committee. ‘By collaborating and cooperating, we have built on the strengths of both specialties to boost patient care.’..The combined group getting CPAP and the group receiving supplemental oxygen had very similar reductions in nocturnal hypoxemia, with each group having a reduction of at least 64 percent in the rate of recurrence of 3 percent desaturation occasions and a decline of at least 2.6 percent in the %age of sleep time where oxygen saturation was below 90 percent ; there is no factor in the prices of either event between your CPAP group and the supplemental-oxygen group. The mean period of use of supplemental oxygen was 4.4 hours per night, which was greater than the duration of CPAP use significantly, which was 3.7 hours per night .