Fireworks and eye injuries

Bottle rockets, Roman candles and candles accounted for most burns, wounds and chips . Most problems were in the hands and eyes, and finally the face. In many cases, permanent scarring occurs. Continue reading

Celera publishes a review article of the KIF6 gene variant as a predictor of coronary risk and the reduction of coronary events of statins

The article further consideration of the detailed results, the number of people who had to be treated with a statin to prevent a coronary event was 10 to 20 in KIF6 carriers compared to> 80 to non-carriers, suggesting that KIF6 carriers could benefit most from therapy statin. Continue reading

Sleep with your pet?

Of course, pet owners are in turmoil on the latest findings, published in a U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention journal called Emerging Infectious Diseases. The point of the author and co-author of studies in the United States, Holland, France and Great Britain as evidence that their claims of increased risk are based on science, not hysteria or aversion to pets. Continue reading

ADHD linked to the reward pathway of the brain is

The results showed that compared to healthy adults, those with ADHD showed reduced dopamine receptors and transporters in both regions of the brain involved in processing reward and motivation. Continue reading

Is it good to take Cipro with joint problems?

Use of ciprofloxacin ophthalmic the remainder of the prescription, even if you feel better. If you stop using ophthalmic ciprofloxacin too soon, your infection may not be completely cured and bacteria may become resistant to antibiotics buy cipro in canada . Continue reading

Impax Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline Enter Global Agreement to develop and commercialize a compound for advanced Parkinson’s disease

Under the agreement, GSK will receive an exclusive license to sell IPX066 throughout the world except the United States and Taiwan. Impax receive an upfront payment of $ 11.5 million and is entitled to receive potential payments of up to $ 175 million to the achievement of the development and marketing. Impax will also receive royalties, tiered double-digit sales of GSK IPX066. Continue reading

Silagra (drug for impotency) makes you come erotic fineness

The main difference lies in time, treatments are effective. With Cialis, the effects last for a period of 30hours , while Levitra is effective for anything between 3-9 hours. The two treatments give a great window of effectiveness, leading to an more spontaneous experience erction dysfunction treatment . While Cialis has a broader framework of the time, many people are uncomfortable with having the active ingredient into their system to such long period of time. Window of the effectiveness of Levitra is long enough for experience spontaneous, but will not in your system the next day. Another important factor to keep in mind when considering Levitra Viagra V is some mild side effects attributable to Levitra. Continue reading

Many patients with heart attacks wait longer than two hours to go to hospital

Professional guidelines recommend that patients call 911 if symptoms suggestive of a heart attack does not improve within five minutes, according to background information in the article. Medical treatment is more urgent in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction . However, patients can not know whether their symptoms indicate a non-STEMI or STEMI, in order to reach the hospital quickly is critical, no matter what kind of heart attack they are experiencing. Continue reading

Erectile dysfunction treatments

So what makes one different than a natural pill prescription from your physician? First, a natural supplement is much more secure ed pills . Not only are they clean from unwanted side effects, but they are free of chemicals often found in prescription drugs which are harmful to the body. After all, what is using the setting of a health issue, whether you are just going to cause another? Natural pills are also more accessible and affordable. Not only will they save a trip to the doctor’s office, but they are available 24/7 online. To approximately 15 percentnd that their online order is a far more comfortable to overcome their weakness, for he is not always easy to reach out to more than ED doctors. Continue reading

How mobile technology can help patients manage diabetes

Mobile health, or ‘mHealth,’ is a term used for the practice of medicine that relies on wireless devices like mobile phones, PDAs and remote monitoring devices to improve patient care. Continue reading