Patient monitoring and therapy guidance of patients with cardiovascular disease1 go to this link.

About Critical DiagnosticsCritical Diagnostics is the exclusive developer of the Presage sst2 laboratory assays for risk stratification, patient monitoring and therapy guidance of patients with cardiovascular disease1.1Presage assays and ST2 are not currently for clinical use for clinical use and are not intended for sale in the U go to this link .S. For clinical use.Telcagepant tested as a safe and effective migraine treatment in phase III clinical trialtelcagepant 300 mg is effective as an acute treatment of migraine with efficacy comparable to that of zolmitriptan 5 mg, a common migraine treatment, but with fewer side effects connected. These are the conclusions of an article online and in first and coming issue of The Lancet, Tony Ho, Merck Research Laboratories, North Wales, Philadelphia, and colleagues published written.

The study analyzed a cohort of 150 patients with acute destabilized heart failure at Veterans Affairs Healthcare System in San Diego, CA hospitalized. Several cardiac parameters were also sst2, NT-proBNP , and blood urea nitrogen were measured in plasma samples collected at six time points between admission and discharge. This analysis showed that the change in sst2 concentrations during hospitalization and treatment of acute destabilized heart failure is powerfully and independently predictive of 90 days mortality. Moreover, the potential benefits are sst2 monitor the effectiveness of treatment and provide guidance during the transition patients to outpatient management. Cardiology principal investigator and author on this paper, Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego, and the Director of of the Coronary Care Unit and Heart Failure Program at the VA Medical Center in La Jolla added, ST2 gives prognostic information beyond natriuretic peptide. This suggests that both neurohormonal and immunological / inflammatory dysregulation are active in patients with congestive heart failure. .

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