Patrick Veit Haibach article.

Patrick Veit – Haibach, University Hospital Essen, Germany, and colleagues evaluated the diagnostic accuracy of whole-body PET / CT colonoscopy for 47 patients with colorectal cancer and compared followed these results with the accuracy of conventional CT staging alone and CT PET . Patients with clinical findings and optical colonoscopy, the primary colorectal cancer were suggested enrolled between May 2004 and June 2006. Patients were whole-body PET / CT colonoscopy after 1 day of the colonoscopy article . Fifty the 47 patients the 47 patients.

QUADRAMET safety profileQUADRAMET causes bone marrow suppression. In clinical studies, decreased numbers of white blood cells and platelets to a nadir of around 40 percent to 50 percent of baseline in 123 of the patients tended to within 3 to 5 weeks after QUADRAMET, and to pretreatment pretreatment levels by 8 weeks. Because of the unknown potential for additive effects on bone marrow, QUADRAMET should with chemotherapy with chemotherapy or external beam radiation, when the clinical benefits outweigh the risks. Blood counts should be monitored weekly for at least 8 weeks , or until recovery of adequate bone marrow function. Non-hematologic adverse events that occurred in 5 percent or more of patients and greater than placebo were pain flare , diarrhea , infection , spinal cord compression and hematuria . Patients who receive QUADRAMET should be noted safety-related informational hours after administration, radioactivity will be excreted in urine. In order to protect themselves and others in their community need to take steps to be taken for 12 hours following administration.

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