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But MSG is extremely dangerous to health. An early research reported that the internal layer of the retina was destroyed in neonatal rats finding a single exposure to MSG. This is an amazing finding considering that humans are more than 5 times more delicate to MSG than rats. Another scholarly study used rats to look for the effects of exposure to MSG on obesity. Rats given MSG developed weight problems, type II diabetes, and metabolic syndrome X. In addition they created lesions of the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus. MSG is a powerful disrupter of the urinary tract, creating havoc with meta-thermoregularory modulates like neuropeptide leptin and Y, and their target tissue, brown fat.‘ Chronic pain is a mainly under-treated and misunderstood disease that affects thousands of people worldwide. The World Health Organization, with the International Association for the Study of Pain , reports that ‘One in five people suffers from moderate to severe chronic pain, and one in three is less or unable able to maintain an unbiased lifestyle because of pain.’ Spinal cord stimulators like Eon often allow patients to greatly reduce their need for potent and possibly addictive pain medicine. Eon was approved by the U.S. Drug and Meals Administration in 2005. Approximately 25,000 patients in more than 25 countries around the world make use of ANS neurostimulation gadgets to control chronic pain.

4 Simple EXPLANATIONS WHY Nasal Pillow Masks Are Better When it comes to rest apnea therapy, you have many options with regards to choosing between full-face masks and nasal pillow masks.