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Service covers for the fiscal year 2008 Wise clinic include:medicine: laboratory studies issued prescriptions ; prescription vouchers distributed , digital mammography , Pap smears , ECG , transvaginal ultrasound , blood glucose monitoring , flexible sigmoidoscopy , emergency departments , biopsies , abdominal ultrasound , neck ultrasound . On Fridayion Eye exams (1st glasses (1. click to follow click here

Prevalent diseases: %age of patients with a personal or family history of arthritis , hypertension , diabetes .Blood pressure: normal range , increased blood sugar levels: normal range field, the patient. May have diabetes suggests, the area associated with diabetes Body mass index: underweight , normal , obesity , were obese .the UVA Health System is offering an important contribution to the Wise clinic since 2001, and now hundreds of volunteers, more than a ton of medical care and nearly $ 1 million outpatient services each year. Years, the the Health System creating medical records for its Wise clinic patients to facilitate rehabilitation. These records provided data for Franck Report. Patient privacy patient privacy, no personal information was accessed or contain.

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