Previous winners of the Active Cities

Previous winners of the ‘Active Cities, Healthy Cities’contest have included: – Belo Horizonte, Brazil ‘City Streets’initiative, which is funded infrastructure improvements benefit some 870,000 pedestrians. – Pirapora, Brazil city recycling and clean-up program, program, which the environment of the city and helped to eliminate cases of dengue fever. – Biciacci n of Quito, Ecuador, for ‘Quito moves with you ‘, which reclaimed roads for recreational uses . Recife, Brazil Recife, Brazil, for his ‘City Academy ‘program, which promotes physical activity in the poorer neighborhoods where residents are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease.

The contest, sponsored in part by the Pan American Health Organization has been, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, launched at the First World Conference on Development of Cities, held February 13 to 16. Contest winners will be at the Fourth International Congress on Sustainable Transport in Mexico City announced in October. Luis Guti rrez, director for Latin America at the Center for Sustainable Transport of the World Resources Institute, said at the launch that the competition for the promotion of the city initiatives to improve urban transport and public spaces that will be promoted physical activity and and feel a Community Such initiatives, he said, confront our worst contemporary health problem: chronic diseases, for cars andrrent way of life in cities and according to WHO, are responsible for 65 % of all deaths around the world .

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