Publication😕 Mechanism Mechanism for top-down control of working memory capacity ‘, Fredrik Edin, Torkel Klingberg, P r Johansson, Fiona McNab, Jesper Tegn r and Albert Compte, online Early Edition March 30 to April 3 2009th.

Since working memory load increases, the active neurons in the parietal lobe increasingly inhibit the activity of surrounding cells. The inhibition of the inter – neuronal impulses eventually so strong that the storage of additional the storage of additional visual input, although it will be partially offset by the greater stimulation of the frontal lobe. This leads the researchers suggest in their article that the frontal lobes might the storage capacity the storage capacity of parietal lobe.. With its model of the brain, the team was able simultaneously to find out why the memory is only capable of retaining between two and seven different images.Davis, President View Details 2007 Actions the Commission to health care disparities in end.

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