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Now more than ever, nurses play an essential function in the country’s health care system as they are called to provide primary care services to meet up an ever-growing demand and put into action measures to help improve the quality of treatment. With increased responsibilities, aging baby boomers and an increasing number of retiring nurses, the demand for nurses is great. Researchers estimate a shortage of nearly 260, 000 nurses by the full year 2025. The number of positions in licensed useful, licensed authorized and vocational nursing is usually expected to grow more than 20 % each. Rasmussen College is focused on training the next generation of nurses with applications tailored to various phases in the nursing profession from a useful nursing diploma to a Bachelor of Science in nursing.However, the mass of the remaining ventricle increased in men and decreased somewhat in women. Increased mass can occur when the ventricle walls thicken from needing to work harder to pump blood due to high blood pressure or additional conditions, the researchers explained. Further research is needed to find out more about these gender differences, but the findings suggest that various treatment approaches could be needed for women and men with heart disease. ‘We’ve been speaking a lot lately about personalized medicine, and here’s a good example where perhaps men and women might have to be treated differently,’ Eng said. The researchers also found that increased still left ventricular mass was connected with higher blood pressure and body mass index , an estimate of body fat based on height and weight..