Research Oversight The studies were designed by all the authors in conjunction with the sponsor . Data were collected by the sponsor in colaboration with Parexel International and had been analyzed by the sponsor and Pharsight, which performed statistical analyses. The authors, the sponsor, and Pharsight vouch for the completeness and precision of the info and analyses and for the fidelity of the report to the analysis protocols, available at An independent data and safety monitoring committee reviewed the safety data. The decision to post the manuscript for publication was created by all the authors and the sponsor, which retains the data.Body acne: Body acne is a common problem which occurs mainly on the chest, back and buttocks. Like facial acne, hormones and stress will be the cause. Other elements like perspiration and putting on tight fitting clothes also causes body pimples. Tight-fitting clothes traps perspiration against the skin and mixes with surface area oils, thus clogging the skin pores and causing blemishes. Treatments: The treatment is targeted at healing the existing lesions, stopping new lesions from forming, and avoiding scarring. The dermatologist would prescribe many over-the-counter medicines based on the degree of the problem. A few of the medicines will be topical to use on your skin and others could be oral.