Scope: UN drug experts have condemn human rights abusesDrugScope.

INCB,Scope: UN drug experts have condemn human rights abusesDrugScope, the UK’s leading drug information charity the the launch of the latest annual report of the UN International Narcotics Control Board . DrugScope welcomes the INCB requirement of proportionality in the enforcement of drug laws in the world, but is of the opinion that the the INCB much more perpetuates perpetuated the many human rights abuses in the so-called war on drugs .

The International Drug Policy Consortium is a global network of national and international NGOs , which specializes in issues of legal and illegal drug use DrugScope is a founding member of the Consortium can be found here:. There you can also download the ICDP the full answer to the INCB report.The report, which based at HIV data received from 182 countries and comprises land – to-country comparison stated, the 2.1 million mong young people at 15 of the countries worst affected the rate new HIV infections fell over 25 %, followed by young people the adoption more secure sexual practice introduced , according to UNAIDS, that CNN . Said, We are breaking the trajectory the AIDS epidemic featuring bold actions and intelligent decisions, UNAIDS Executive Director of Michel Sidibe in UNAIDS Pressemitteilung. are charged investments in AIDS off , but gains is fragile – the challenge is now as we work together speed up the progress accelerate progress, he added . Has is beyond stigma, discrimination and bad laws from further on the outskirts put roadblocks of living with HIV and human, Sidibe told ..