Secondhand Smoke Associated with Behavior Issues in Kids: THURSDAY.

1, 2015 – – Early contact with secondhand smoke can lead to behavioral complications in children, a new study suggests. Experts analyzed data from a lot more than 5,200 primary school students in France and discovered that those exposed to secondhand smoke within the womb and/or at a young age were in higher risk for behavioral problems, particularly emotional and conduct disorders. The association was strongest among children subjected to secondhand smoke both during pregnancy and after birth. However, because this is an observational study, the authors can’t state for sure that secondhand smoke cigarettes caused the behavioral complications. The study was published online in the journal PLoS One recently. Our data indicate that passive smoking, as well as the well-known effects on health, should also be avoided because of the behavioral disorders it may cause in children, research leader Isabella Annesi-Maesano, research director at the French Institute of Health insurance and Medical Study in Paris, said in an institute news release.Tip #1 Avoid the greasy foods. Many times the foods that we eat contain things that are not good for our skin. For instance, eating to much McDonalds will show up in your skin pores eventually. Eating to much chocolate shall not merely increase the pounds but will add on the zits aswell. Try to limit the number of bad foods to regulate the bad acne. Suggestion #2 When wearing make-up, try to wear a limited amount and be sure that it is hypo-allergenic.